Under 17’s Young Drivers

First Drive, young Driver Training

First Drive Training is for 15 year olds and up who have not yet passed the Theory Test or are too young to hold a Learner Permit. A truly UNIQUE gift for someone you love, be it a son / daughter, nephew / niece or grandson / granddaughter.

On our own private road network, we offer a Pressure Free and Traffic Free experience, guided by our professional and relaxed Driving Instructors. Our simple pricing method, makes it easy for you to decide how, when and how many lessons you need, check out our prices here.

Some people struggle to learn how to co-ordinate the clutch, gears and accelerator. This can be very frustrating and stressful, making learning to drive more difficult.
Taking off road driving lessons will make learning to drive a lot less stressful, reduce anxiety and increase your confidence preparing you for your on road driving lessons.

Is your Transition Year Class looking for a specially designed early learner driving course with lots of driving time, click here for more information.

Early leaner driving Course Details:

First Drive Juniors need to be a minimum height of 4’10. Please bring a proof of age ID for registration.

You First Drive experience is a 1 – 1 (one instructor per student) basis and consists of:

U17 First Drive / Pre – Essential Driver Training (EDT)

Each student learns at their own pace and with our Under 17 First Drive program, they can learn in a way, which is not pressured and is suited to them specifically. Mastering the basics in a safe environment before continuing on the main roads will help set the learner driver on a pathway to being a safer driver for life.

During your lessons we will familiarise you with your vehicles primary controls i.e. foot controls and hand controls; your secondary controls i.e. windscreen wipers and lights; along with moving off and stopping safely. So book a lesson today and make a head start on your EDT!!

In the R.S.A. guidelines for Essential Driver Training (EDT), it is recommended that the learner driver takes three hours of lessons in preparation before starting your EDT lesson 1. These Under 17 driving lessons will have you perfectly prepared to commence your EDT once you turn 17 and get your Learner Permit