Transition Year Driving COURSE

Our unique Transition Year driving course is specifically aimed at students that are under the qualifying age to hold a learners permit. Our courses start from 15 years old and up.

Here are the details of what our transition year driving course entails.

Our 4 hour training course consists of a welcome briefing on our course content, safety rules, course objectives and an introduction to the driving instructors. We then split the group into 2 groups.

(A) Group 1 will start in one of our training rooms where they will have

(B) Group 2 will be further split into groups of 3, each group of 3 being assigned to a driving instructor. They will learn about

At Pallas Early Learning Driving School we offer students a realistic driving experience on our own private road network featuring the more common traffic control features you’ll meet on the public roads.

Insurance cover has already been procured for the students with no liability to your school.
Ideally we look for groups of 18 to 40 students per visit.

Looking for individual driving lessons and under 17 years old find out more information here.

Feeling a bit nervous and unsure and do not want to start on the roads with all that traffic, why not learn to drive in our Traffic Free Private Road Network, find our more information here.

After Lockdown, feeling that you need more independence and want to either get back on the road or learn to drive for the first time all over again, we have the perfect solution for you in our Pressure Free environment. Click here for more information.

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