DRiving Lesson Prices

OUR Driving School Price, Driving Lesson Pricing & Packages offer outstanding value.

Start with one Driving Lesson and get on the road to learning how to drive with us in Galway.

Learning to drive is not a skill learned overnight. Depending on your experience, confidence and ability, it wil ltake some longer than others to learn.

It is €50.00 per Driving Lesson. You will be with us for one hour.

It’s finally here! The day you get behind the wheel for what is probably the first time. It’s a big day – but it can be pretty nerve-racking too. And our Driving School Price will not put you off, great value for a Traffic Free and Pressure Free environment.

It helps if you know what you first driving lesson will involve beforehand, so make sure you prepare. You’ll pick things up much easier if they’re familiar to you and you feel confident about what happens next.

Are first driving lessons scary? Sure, a bit. But you’ve got this. And we have got the experience to get you driving confidently in no time.

You’ll be fine

Prices for Transition Year Driving Course can be found at Pallas Driving School Transition Year Course


1 Driving lesson

  • Drive confidently in no time, join us at Pallas Early Learner Driving School.

4 Driving lessons

  • Need more time in the car, no problem, we got you.

6 Driving lessons

  • Do you have 2 in the family looking to learn, this is the perfect for them.

To Book

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Pallas Early Learner Driving School

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