Nervous Drivers

We often come across drivers who have become nervous about driving, perhaps because of an impatient instructor or a grumpy parent, or because they witnessed or were involved in an accident, or just never developed the skills and assurance to drive without stress. Our Driving School Lessons can fix all that.

Pallas Early Learning Driving School helps nervous drivers to overcome their anxiety and drive with confidence in their car or her dual controlled car at our private road facility at Pallas, Tynagh, Loughrea, Co. Galway.

Our Driving School Lessons will enable people to regain the confidence and skills and get them driving comfortably on the open road, where they can learn more advanced driving skills.

The first and hardest step in get your Driving School Lessons at any Driving School is to make contact, it is very easy to book your first driving lesson with us,  just click here and fill out the contact form.

Once you are confident enough to get driving on the road, you are ready to start your Essential Driver Training with the instructors of your choice.

You can apply for your driving test online before you have your 12 Sessions completed, however you cannot be scheduled for your driving test until we receive the confirmation from your ADI Instructor that you have the 12 EDT Sessions completed.

The Essential Driver Training course is made up of 12 one-hour Sessions which you must complete before taking your Driving test. IMPORTANT Before you begin your training, you should check that your chosen instructor is currently approved for the delivery of EDT.  On the day of your training your trainer will be happy to confirm their continuing RSA approval.  Only undertake EDT training once you are satisfied that your trainer still holds RSA approval.  Training completed with an individual who does not currently hold RSA approval cannot count as part of your EDT and will need to be repeated with an RSA EDT approved Instructor.

Guy Checking Mirrors Sitting In Driver's Seat