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Looking for a Galway Driving School?  We are here to help you with your driving lessons we have designed an off road facility whereby learner drivers with little or no experience behind the wheel, can encounter some of the typical traffic control features in a safe controlled environment away from other traffic.

Learner Focused Driving Lessons

People learn to drive in different ways and at very different speeds. If someone who likes time to reflect on their learning is forced to move on to the next thing too quickly it could slow down their overall progress. Our Galway based Driving School uses a Client-centred learning (ccl) is an approach to learning to drive that takes into account how you prefer to learn. When people learn in this way they are more likely to retain information and skills.

If someone who likes to learn by trying things out is made to watch too many demonstrations without having a go they are likely to get frustrated and not enjoy their driving lessons. Learners are also more likely to keep learning if they are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning at an early stage. This way, it is theirs, is their conclusion and is therefore likely to stick with the learner for life, way beyond just passing the driving test.


Learn At your own speed

To begin taking lessons with Pallas Early Learner Driving School you do not need any licence or permit. All you need to be is over 15 years of age. We will bring you from your first lesson all the way to being a competent driver. Our wonderful instructors will calmly guide you.

Speed Safety

Safe & Traffic Free

Students are offered a realistic driving experience on our own private road network featuring the more common traffic control features you’ll meet on the public roads. You will be given the chance to put into practice what they have learnt and drive our dual controlled cars.

Speed fuel

Essential Driving Lessons

We provide driving lessons designed to guide and help complete novices into the driving world and to know what it takes to drive safely with confidence. You can be confident your chances of driving confidently will be greatly boosted when you train with us.

Female car driver beginner clung to the wheel

With our minimum age of 15 years old and up, it is never too early or two late to Learn How to Drive!!


As your driving lessons will be on campus, you’ll learn at your own pace.


This user-friendly approach allows the learner driver to build up your confidence and driving skills before you decide to progress onto the public roads with your instructor.

With our own private road network you will not need to have passed your Theory Test or acquired your Learner Permit in order to have driving lessons with us. We are the only driving school in the West of Ireland that can offer you this unique service.

Under 17?

If you are under 17 and ……………

Older woman driving car

Mature drivers

Starting out or getting back to driving……..

Guy Checking Mirrors Sitting In Driver's Seat

Nervous driver

Are you a little nervous and want to …….

Lots of Traffic Free Driving Time


Designed Driving Lessons to give you as much driving time as we can in your lesson. The more time driving the better you will learn what is required to be safe and licenced driver. You will have One to One Tuition on our Purpose Built Roads, with No Traffic to worry about in our quality Dual Controlled Cars.


Pallas, Tynagh, H62 X265, Loughrea, Co. Galway Ireland.

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